Thursday, June 22, 2006

RANtai DecemBer 2006

Fine art to Design art, Photography to Craft, Visual art to Performing art this is the product of human creativity. End of 2006 its the time to show art, sell art, buy art and everything art. RANtAi an Art Event will be held end of 2006, an event manage by us, for us. Why RANtAi? Symbolizes a link between each parts of our life, in our everyday cycle an in everything that we do. Art play a big role in it, whether we realize it or not. It is a continuous link that will never stop. Therefore RANtAi would want to give an opportunity to art people out there what they are capable of and to make them realize that we are in one link. A 2 day event: Art Exhibition By Various Artists Named and Unknown. Art Booth By Active Art Groupies Art Auction Name Your Price Performing Art Live project Band, Didgeridoo, Poem Recital, Sketch and much more Screening Short film, Animation by Our local Venue - Lost Generation, Taman Seputeh Besides seeking sponsors we need to charge every categories entry for extra financially needs, but not to worry we dont charge enormously. Exhibition entry charges: Individual - RM15 max art entry: 15 Groupies - RM35 max art entry: Unlimited Booth entry Charges: Per table - RM50 max art entry: Unlimited - There will be no charges in every item sold For those who are interested being part of RANtAi or any info - bands, groups or individual please directly mail to or visit the blog